Dr. Matthias Hirtschulz

Dr. Matthias Hirtschulz


Blockchain technology promises to make business processes decentralized, automated, transparent and traceable, and thus more secure, faster and cost-efficient. Therefore, this technology has the potential to significantly change the roles within the financial industry.

We think that if the different technological components of a distributed ledger solution are combined in a manner that is best suited to the respective use case, then the technology can make a significant difference to the way in which many processes and infrastructures function today.

With our distributed ledger services we can help you tackle the respective challenges. Our services are based on experience from hundreds of projects in areas ranging from trading and settlement through to compliance. d-fine next combines state-of-the-art technological know-how and profound domain knowledge.

Our Blockchain Services

d-fine offers a one-stop-shop solution for your distributed ledger technology (DLT) initiative. Depending on your requirements, we offer services from analysis, evaluation and planning through to implementation.

Our service offerings include executive Blockchain training, ideation workshops for identifying viable use cases and planning of a technological roadmap through to implementation of a Blockchain proof-of-concept or production solution.

Overview of our services (examples):

Case studies

Our Blockchain Lab

We have developed a plug-and-play lab environment that allows for rapid prototyping and exploration of different use cases.
It can be deployed quickly enabling developers to start working immediately. The lab environment comprises all the necessary developer tools for Ethereum and Hyperledger based prototyping and a preconfigured private test net.