Dr. Matthias Hirtschulz

Dr. Matthias Hirtschulz

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Digitization is the ability to leverage new technologies to offer innovative solutions and tailored services to customers.

Technological improvements in Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing allow the precise processing of huge amounts of data whilst operating dynamic and cost efficient infrastructures. Based on these innovations, it is possible to offer innovative and customised services, which previously had prohibitive operational costs.

Our offering concerning digitization

In the last few years we have worked with many clients on the designing and building of innovative solutions. This encompasses applications of machine learning for fraud detection as well as the implementation of large scale web applications facilitating international collaboration among financial supervisors.
Based on our far-reaching experience in design and implementation, we are able to support our clients in every phase of their respective digitization strategies. This might be the strategic assessment of modern systems and technologies or the creation of high performance distributed platforms for large-scale data analysis.

Our expertise however does not end at merely designing systems: we are also able to implement large and complex systems. Our unique pool of consultants allows us to bridge the separation between business analysts and developers, which removes the frictions between teams and truly elevates our productivity in agile environments.