Dr. Matthias Hirtschulz

Dr. Matthias Hirtschulz


The financial world is evolving. New technologies and players with innovative business models are changing the rules of the game, thereby creating new opportunities. Key challenges for incumbents  are evaluating new business models, technologies and methods with the aim of optimization in terms of agility, efficiency and customer-centricity.

From these changes questions like the following arise: What is the impact of distributed ledger technology for my company? Is a robo-advisory service a useful complement to the existing offerings? Have we already tapped the full potential of digitization and customer focus in corporate banking? How can regulatory requirements be fulfilled more efficiently?

Insurgents and incumbents play complementary roles in this transformation. Whereas new players are very agile, established players can leverage their resources, client base and experience. It is our firm conviction that a decisive added value lies in the cooperation between them.

d-fine next is based on this vision. It draws from d-fine’s decade long experience in financial services and the technical background of its employees and combines it with FinTech expertise.


With more than 700 professionals, with a  focus on challenges in finance and risk management, d-fine is one of the leading consultancies in Europe.

From our international offices in Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Vienna and London we support banks, insurances, corporates and asset managers.

With the experience of several hundred projects, that range from strategy, operations and business processes through to implementation and integration, d-fine can cover the full range of services that are expected from clients today.

d-fine’s success is based upon the expertise of its workforce. Our employees possess strong analytical, mathematical and technical skills stemming from scientific backgrounds: 50% of employees are physicists, 35% are mathematicians and 15% are computer scientists or economists.

What we are good at

  • FinTech expertise

    We understand what drives the FinTech community and have hands-on experience in new topics like Blockchain and Robo-Advisory.

  • Collaboration

    We support you from analysis and strategy through to implementation. We are willing to explore new approaches, e.g. we partner with you to build a startup.

  • Unique profile

    Our experts combine their banking know-how with profound IT-expertise. Approx. 85% of them are physicists or mathematicians whilst approx. 65% have PhDs.

  • Experience

    We bring to the table more than 15 years of successful implementation and consulting experience in the financial industry.

  • Employees

    With more than 600 employees we are one of the largest consultancies specialized on the financial services industry.

  • Network

    We are well connected in the banking and FinTech worlds and put our network at your disposal if required.

  • Implementation

    We place a strong focus on implementation and have a hands-on attitude. We can help from the conceptual design to actual programming and testing.

  • Expertise

    We cover the entire range of financial services: from regulation and IT (trading) infrastructures to risk models.